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The #1 Diet for a Flat Belly

Now that you've seen a doctor and found that the only thing wrong is that you need to get rid of the spare tire around your middle, it's time to begin thinking about a real flat belly diet.

When paired with a reasonable amount of exercise, the right type of diet will make it possible to dump those pounds safely. Here are some examples of what you can include in that diet.

Enjoy Some Beans

Beans can trigger some gas if they are not prepared properly. What you want to focus on is the fact that the fiber in beans can help regulate your system and provide a nice punch of nutrients.

Many beans also contain the right type of carbohydrates for creating the energy that you need to get up and move around. The protein content also works as an alternative to what you get from lean meats.

While many types of beans are good for losing weight, consider keeping pinto beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans on hand at all times.

Surprising Food

Cooked pintos can be paired with a side dish of Cole slaw that is prepared with a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing and make a filling meal. Add a small piece of whole grain bread to the mix and you'll feel full and satisfied.

If you happen to like salads anyway, boost the nutritional level by tossing in cooked garbanzo beans that you have chilled in advance. The flavor and the texture will add to the salad, and also provide a great source of vegetable protein.

Go Nuts

Specifically, think about adding measured amounts of walnuts or almonds to your diet. A half-cup of either one makes a great snack when you need a mid-afternoon pick me up.

You can also add them to garden salads or as an ingredient in any type of low calorie tuna or chicken salad recipe that you want to try. The crunch will also help satisfy cravings and make it easier to stick to your diet.

Keep Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Around

Getting away from canned foods is a good idea whenever possible. Shop at a farmer's market and load up on fresh fruit and vegetables that you can use for snacks and for your meal planning. The genius of this approach is that you get to control how the food is seasoned.

That makes it easier to ensure you are getting the right amount of salt and not too much. It also allows you to experiment with different spices to find new ways to season your food.

Choosing the Right Meats

Meat is not off the table when it comes to a flat belly diet. You need the protein that comes from the meat. What you don't need is all the fat. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do about that.

The Fat Diminisher

Only buy beef and pork that has a minimum of fat content. For chicken, go with pieces that already have the skin removed. Having less fat to begin with will make it all the easier to prepare the meats and poultry so that you get the nutritional benefits but avoid the pitfalls.

When it comes to preparing the meat, a broiler pan is your friend. Broiling meats allows the juices to run off and away. You end up consuming even less fat. For flavoring, use mustards mixed with herbs to create a crust on broiled skinless chicken. You may like it so much that you never go back to fried foods again.

The decision is up to you. Go along like you always have and keep carrying those extra pounds around. Alternatively, you can make positive changes in your diet that helps you lose and keep off the weight. Start today and it won't take long before you notice a difference in the way you look and feel.